Welcome to the world of handmade textile dolls!
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All textile dolls are handmade, each design is unique.

Aikido angel

Red heart angel

Vera doll with lantern

Traveling Tilda

Pink angel

Vera doll for Valentine's Day

Vera doll - winter play

Wedding angel

Vera doll with bunny

Fairy of the good mood

Lady angel

Autumn doll

Teapot warmer giraffe

Aikido sensei

Vera doll photographer

Summer tilda

Turquoise tilda

Spring tilda

Pom-pom girl

Easter doll

Spring fairy

Purple tilda

Easter girl

Easter egg hunters

About Me

Hello! I am Vera Smirnova: photographer, graphic designer and doll maker. Sounds like a lot of hats, but actually, they all are just different ways to create things. I create photographs from what I see around me and I create dolls from what I see inside myself. My dolls are more than art of self-expression - they meant for people. When I work on a doll, I have certain person in mind, whether it is my old friend or my new customer. I think of these people, I feel them, I get connected with them somewhwere deeply inside, so when doll is created, it becomes truly their. Something like long lost old friend coming back to them. These merry, somewhat naïve dolls make every home bright and happy.
Here are some technicalities:
free-standing dolls are about 17-18 inches tall, tilda angels are a bit taller, but they are displayed seated. I do have some ready-to-go dolls for sale and I also take an orders. To order yours please fill out contact form.
These dolls are meant for interior decorating, not for childrens play.


To order a doll please fill out this form. I usually answer emails within 1-2 days.